God Made Me is now a book! January 25, 2017 14:34

The internationally successful company "mainly music" have been playing maxiPraise songs in their preschool music groups for years... and now they have published a very cute book using the lyrics of the God Made Me song! A great gift for toddlers and new parents! Click on the links to their website and order now. 







Book only or Book and CD

Cleaning out the cupboard! October 14, 2015 10:00

maxiPraise is cleaning out the cupboard - and guess what we have found? A few "My Friend Jesus" CDs!! Order here - while stocks last.

Plus...CASSETTES! Remember them? Well if you still have one of those old cassette players, you can now order maxiPraise tapes online at no charge except shipping. "God Made Me" and "My Friend Jesus" are both available in cassette format.



**NEW** Backing Tracks for Live It album! October 11, 2015 19:28

Instrumental backing tracks for the "Live It" album are now available in the online store for download. 15 tracks in mp3 format for use as performance tracks. Ideal for children's programs, choirs, and soloists. If you require WAV files or m4a files please contact

Each sound file is Copyright (2004) maxiPraise - not for resale or commercial distribution except by maxiPraise. Please contact maxiPraise for permission if your performances are to be recorded on video or streamed online. If your church has a CCLI license please report the use of each maxiPraise song in your annual reporting. Thank you!

Online album release - "Generations: bring You praise" August 25, 2015 13:04

The new intergenerational praise album "Generations: bring You praise" has now been released to online stores such as CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. 

As soon as the physical CDs are manufactured you will be able to order them here!

All tracks have been registered with CCLI and the downloadable songbook will soon be available.

Click play to listen to "Generations: bring You praise" sample tracks now:

Downloadable PDF books - available in store now! August 16, 2015 15:45

The "Way 2 Grow" and "Live It" albums were released by maxiPraise in CD format in 2004. Each CD was enhanced with pdfs of the songbooks for each album. "Way 2 Grow" also included a pdf maxiPuzzler to accompany the songs. 

Since maxiPraise music became available in digital format from online stores such as CD Baby and iTunes, availability of the songbooks for those buying the music was only available by contacting maxiPraise directly. Until today! Now you can order your songbook or maxiPuzzler from our online store and the pdf will be delivered to your inbox for downloading within minutes!


Looking for your favourite pages? August 9, 2015 20:08

Welcome to the new maxiPraise website. If you are here looking for the mazes, puzzles and activities that were available to download from the previous site then you won't be disappointed! Almost all of the free resources have been relocated here from the previous pages. Start by clicking on "Fun 4 Kids" in the main menu or try these buttons now:


Check out the new Resource Blog. We are slowly building the free resources collection there and it will include the poems, action rhymes, stories and dramas from the old site as well as articles and ideas for intergenerational worship.

While you're here, enjoy listening to our music using the music player on the home page. Click play and you will hear full tracks from each album. Sing along!


maxiPraise on Shopify! July 29, 2015 08:51

Welcome to the new maxiPraise online space!

Now you can order and pay for CDs and songbooks online, as well as download free puzzles and activities, all at the one place. Digital album downloads and streaming is available from the usual online stores - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby, and more.

Be patient as we complete our catalogue and upload all the fun resources you are used to from the maxiPraise website. At least now you can see us on your smartphone or tablet!