Cleaning out the cupboard! October 14, 2015 10:00

maxiPraise is cleaning out the cupboard - and guess what we have found? A few "My Friend Jesus" CDs!! Order here - while stocks last.

Plus...CASSETTES! Remember them? Well if you still have one of those old cassette players, you can now order maxiPraise tapes online at no charge except shipping. "God Made Me" and "My Friend Jesus" are both available in cassette format.



Looking for your favourite pages? August 9, 2015 20:08

Welcome to the new maxiPraise website. If you are here looking for the mazes, puzzles and activities that were available to download from the previous site then you won't be disappointed! Almost all of the free resources have been relocated here from the previous pages. Start by clicking on "Fun 4 Kids" in the main menu or try these buttons now:


Check out the new Resource Blog. We are slowly building the free resources collection there and it will include the poems, action rhymes, stories and dramas from the old site as well as articles and ideas for intergenerational worship.

While you're here, enjoy listening to our music using the music player on the home page. Click play and you will hear full tracks from each album. Sing along!