Interactive Drama - "Jesus and the Storm" August 16, 2015 17:56

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Sing the song Rock Rock (from My friend Jesus) to introduce the story.

Demonstrate all the actions first and make sure they can do them as melodramatically as possible! Remind them that when you mention these words in the story they are to do the corresponding action:

  • Stars - aahh (look up and sigh happily)
  • Rain - stamping feet furiously
  • Wind - woooo woooo
  • Waves - swish swish / woosh woosh (wave arms up and down)
  • Lightning - crack (vertical hand clap!)
  • Thunder - Boom
  • Asleep - zzzzzz (folded hands under tilted head)
  • Disciples - afraid knock knees, chatter teeth(wiggle fingers under chin)

Tell the story, pausing dramatically every time you mention a word from the above list).

It had been a big day storytelling and Jesus wanted to rest. The sun was setting and the stars coming out as he and the disciples climbed into the boat and set off across the lake.

The waves lapped gently on the side of the boat and the wind blew softly through the sails. Jesus looked up at the sky full of stars and decided to lie down and rest. Soon he was fast asleep.

They had not travelled far when they heard the distant sounds of thunder and knew there was a storm approaching. The stars disappeared one by one as angry clouds gathered overhead. Lightning flashed followed by more thunder and pouring rain. The wind became stronger and began whipping up the waves. The boat was rising up and crashing down as the waves grew higher and the wind blew so strongly the disciples were beginning to get worried.

They could hardly believe it when the lightning flashed and they saw Jesus lying fast asleep in the bow of the boat. By now the waves were so high they were crashing over the bow and filling the boat with water. The disciples were really afraid now.

They could barely hear their own screams above the noise of the thunder, the driving rain, raging wind and the huge waves which were flooding the boat. A sudden flash of lightning lit up the corner of the boat where Jesus lay asleep.

In great fear the disciples cried out, certain they were about to die: HELP US LORD!

Jesus woke, stood up and looking out at the waves and calling into the wind shouted: PEACE BE STILL!

The wind stopped blowing, the waves disappeared and the water looked as smooth as glass. The clouds which had brought the lightning, the thunder and the rain rolled away. The disciples looked on in amazement at their best friend, who said He wished that they would trust Him more. Jesus looked up at the stars and knew exactly how many there where without even counting. It had been such a good idea to make them.

Sing the action song S.O.S. (from My friend Jesus) to demonstrate what the disciples should have known!


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