Enjoying a range of music genres August 26, 2015 11:12

The maxiPraise music collection has been recorded using a range of musical styles and genres, each album being an eclectic mix of instrumentation and sounds. From the beginning this was an intentional approach aimed at providing children with a broad musical experience that offers them participation in the message of each song through action, movement, drama and spoken word, prayer, expressions of commitment and opportunities for quiet reflection. 

Here are samples of the most popular maxiPraise ACTION songs:

Click play for this sample collection of INSPIRATIONAL maxiPraise songs of reflection and commitment:

Click play for this sample collection of maxiPraise songs that risk breaking out some old-school (!) style RAP:

Click play for this sample collection of JAZZY BLUESY maxiPraise songs:

Click play and listen to a sample collection of maxiPraise COUNTRY GOSPEL music songs:

And here is a fun CHIPMUNK track for those occasions when the kids want to do a bit of sped-up LINE DANCING: