Songs for Special Occasions September 7, 2015 14:34

For those times when you need a special song... here are some ideas! Enjoy listening to the sample suggestions in each player.

Some maxiPraise albums no longer available as physical CDs but all tracks available in online stores. Backing tracks are available for all songs. Contact for more information.

Baby Dedications, Christenings

  • "Child of God" from the God Made Me album - specially written for the dedication of baby Jesse Ford in 1998. A few lines from the song: "The hands that now are cradling you will gently lead to to the One whose hands will cradle you your whole life through..."
  • "God Made Me", also from the God Made Me album - a wonderfully simple action song, used internationally by the"mainly music" mother and baby preschool groups. "You're made in His image, special it's true, there's nobody else like you."

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Songs for Commitment, Baptism, Commissioning Services 

It's no surprise that the Live It album has the most songs suitable for commitment services:

  • "I Choose You" is a lively, joyful song of commitment. "All of my courage and all my strength is in You, only You Jesus, I choose You..."
  • "Take Me" is a beautiful, personal, life pledge to God. "Everything I am and all I'm going to be, I choose this day Jesus to give you all of me..."
  • "Child of Grace" is a heart-testimony of grace and forgiveness, a love that provides each child with a 'place', inspires service, and fills with hope for being with Jesus face to face. "Lead me on, show me the way, I'm here to follow and I want to serve... today!"
  • "Into My Heart" is a lovely recording on the Way 2 Grow album of the well-known traditional favourite. "Come into my heart Lord Jesus, come in today, come in always..."
  • "Share Jesus" is an energetic action song for younger children from Spirit Alive"I'll be the lips of Jesus, I'll be His hands and feet. Wherever I go, to every one I know, I'll share Him with the people I meet..."
  • "Let Your Light So Shine" includes a new take on the traditional "This little light of mine", from Live It"Within your heart is a light and it's shining bright, Jesus is the Light, don't hide your light..."
  • "Order My Steps" is a lively and contemporary prayer on the Live It album, with a fun 'break it down' bridge! "Oh Jesus help me order my steps, direct my paths, I'm living every minute of my life for you..."
  • "There's Rejoicing" is a country-gospel style statement of faith and request for baptism, on the Spirit Alive album. "Jesus I confess to you my sin, please will you forgive and make me new, cover me with all your righteousness, I'll live for you..."
  • "You Can Go" is a Jewish-folk style round sung in a minor key, from My Friend Jesus"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptising them in the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit..."

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  • "No Greater Love", from the My Friend Jesus album, uses synonyms of the word 'greater' to give children the big and beautiful picture of love that Jesus lived and died on the cross. "Jesus let His blood flow so that I could know there is no wider love..."
  • "He's Alive" is a jazzy action song about the resurrection, a fun celebration on the My Friend Jesus album. "There was a mighty loud cry from an angel on high and the stone was rolled away..."

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  • "The Angels Sang", from the My Friend Jesus album, is a lively musical announcement of the birth of Jesus. "Jesus the Saviour was born in a stable that's why we sing on this Holy Night!"
  • "God's Gift from Heaven", also on the My Friend Jesus album, begins with the Christmas story and continues through Jesus' death and the hope of his return. Singing groups will love the harmony in the chorus. "One starry night in Bethlehem, a baby boy was born. The angels sang, the shepherds ran, and in a manger found Him..."

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Coming soon: a new single "Christmas Day" to be released online for Christmas 2015!

Mother's Day

  • "God Gave Me You", from the Way 2 Grow album, was written by Janine for her own mother and is filled with reasons why God gave us mothers, sung on the album by three talented siblings. "God knows that I get hungry, God knows that I need bed, God knows when I get naughty that He'd better think ahead... God gave me love, God gave me you!"

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In case you're wondering... Janine did write a song for her Dad but it has not been recorded. Perhaps one day there will be one here for "Father's Day"!