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Choosing and using songs for children - a 5 point check for a good song, ways to present songs to children, and ideas on songwriting.

Choosing Music

What is the Message?

  • Values, principles
  • Biblical teachings
  • Real and true

Is it Meaningful?

  • In their language, at their level
  • Concrete expressions - relate to abstract ideas
  • Include a RESPONSE

Will it be Memorable?

  • Catchy tune or phases
  • Easy to learn - parents and children
  • Stay with them for life!

Does it involve Movement?

  • Actions - express the message
  • Rhythm / tempo / syncopation

Make it Merry!

  • Fun
  • Humour
  • How does it make you feel? Happy? Special?

 Presenting Music


  • Enthusiastic
  • Animated
  • Focused on the KIDS
  • Aware of their responses
  • Flexible
  • Prepared to change the program
  • Able to laugh at yourself



  • Keep eye contact
  • Smile!
  • Enjoy it (if you don't, they won't)
  • Include the children
  • Teach actions first, speaking the words
  • Sing a capella and talk it through slowly
  • Know the song well yourself!

Writing Music / Spoken Rhymes

  • Choose a central theme, message, or main idea.
  • Are there simpler words in kid-language you can use?
  • Play with the rhythm those words naturally possess.
  • Can you incorporate any physical actions or action words?
  • Brainstorm on paper, be brave and sing out loud.
  • Try it with your children - do they like it?
  • Don't be afraid to share your song with someone you trust.
  • Accept constructive criticism.
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