Songs for Special Occasions September 7, 2015 14:34

Listen to samples of songs for special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, Baptisms, Dedications and Christenings... Continue reading

Enjoying a range of music genres August 26, 2015 11:12

The maxiPraise music collection has been recorded using a range of musical styles and genres... Listen to samples of our action songs, country music, inspirational and prayer songs... Continue reading

Wardrobe Wars August 25, 2015 13:27

"A garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness." Isaiah 61:3...

Praise is a garment. Clothing. Isaiah did not specify a dress code. The psalms are not uniform. Lyrical form and instrumentation in the psalms is incredibly diverse!

Click to read this maxiPraise opinion piece by Janine Max...

Interactive Drama - "Jesus and the Storm" August 16, 2015 17:56

Jesus and the Storm - an interactive drama to accompany the songs "Rock Rock" and "S.O.S" from the "My Friend Jesus" album. Great for church children's stories! Click here now...