About maxiPraise

maxiPraise is a christian music ministry for all ages, based in Australia. maxiPraise music is fun, memorable, and filled with meaningful messages: 


maxiPraise music began in 1998 when composer Janine Max began writing songs for her young children. The local church was using Janine’s music in children’s programs, and friends encouraged her to record an album. With a small group of enthusiastic children from the local primary school, and a team of session musicians, “God Made Me” was recorded at Avondale Music. 

For seven years, the “maxiPraise Kids” children's choir shared the story of Jesus through music, action and drama in churches, schools, and music festivals in Australia.


By 2005, a total of 5 albums had been recorded, each thematically crafted to teach truths about God the Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Janine also enjoyed presenting training workshops for children’s ministries and worship leaders across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Japan. 

maxiPraise inspired a generation of children to live their faith through service.

After a 10 year break, Janine completed the final maxiPraise album in 2015, a collection of intergenerational praise music - "Generations : bring You praise".

Digital versions of all maxiPraise albums are available to stream or download online through stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or CD Baby.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The maxiPraise kids have now grown up and completed their schooling. Some have married and even have their own children. Many of them are involved in churches and schools, still singing, praising, and using the skills they began learning as part of the maxiPraise team. They are living proof that God can, and will, do extraordinary things through ordinary people, no matter how young they are. 

maxiPraise gives all the glory to God and invites you to praise Him too!