God Made Me

The story of creation told through fun, meaningful music for young children.

20 original songs, with backing tracks. Recommended age group: 0-5 years.

Digital tracks downloadable from online stores, CDs sold out. Printed songbooks available on request from maxiPraise. Children’s book available from mainly music.

Explore creation through the music of maxiPraise. God Made Me is the first in the maxiPraise trilogy of themed children’s music, originally designed for use as an educational program. The album journeys through each day of creation using action songs, spoken drama, praise music, and meditative lullaby. 

Creative leaders might use nature picture books to illustrate the song Growing in God’s garden, or help children build a room scene from empty land to lush vegetation filled with colourful flowers, vegies, and fruit while the song is sung. 

Have fun with the popular God Made the Kangaroo/Cockatoo action tracks: insert your own favourite animal and action when you use the accompanying instrumental track. 

The beautiful title track God Made Me is a favourite with mothers and babies everywhere: point to your child’s eyes, ears, mouth, nose and don’t forget to smile as you sing! Visit mainly music and order the children’s book for this song.

That’s How He Made You was written with the differently-abled child in mind: not everyone can wiggle their nose, but we are each wonderfully made and loved more than anything!

Don’t Be Afraid was inspired by a story from communist Albania where a grandmother whispered, against the law, into a little girl’s ear: “There is a God and He loves you.” Once an adult, the girl approached some tourists visiting the country, soon after the demise of communism, asking “Can anybody tell me about the God who loves me?” There was a Christian in the group who was able to share the good news! This song comforts children’s fears and reassures them that the God who was with Noah, Daniel and Jonah, is real and He loves them.

The album includes a prayer song, Dear Jesus, and an ‘offering’ song, To God’s House for use in your church children’s programs. Child of God was written for a baby dedication and is ideal for naming or baptism ceremonies. 

Instrumental backing tracks for all songs are included for your own performances. This has proved helpful internationally for those wanting to translate the simple lyrics into their own language.