My Friend Jesus

Journey through the life of Jesus with fun action songs and meditative praise music for children.

23 original songs, with backing tracks.  Recommended age group: 3 – 7 years.

Digital tracks downloadable from online stores, CDs sold out. Printed songbooks available on request from maxiPraise.

Journey through the life of Jesus with the music of maxiPraise. My Friend Jesus is the second in the maxiPraise trilogy of themed children’s music and is designed for use as an educational program. The album explores themes and stories from the life of Jesus using action songs, spoken drama, praise music, and meditative hymns.

Time With Jesus introduces Jesus as the friend who wants to be with you (John 14:1-3). Enjoy the Christmas song The Angels Sang and travel to Egypt with Clip Clop Donkey Trot. Enter the builder’s shop with Jesus’ Wooden Toys and fight the battle in the desert with No No No. Jesus has the Power to Win and so do you when He is your friend! If the disciples could leave everything to follow Him, Jesus must be the kind of person you just want to go with, stay with, do anything with in Come Follow Me. When it is time to give your offering, sing I’m Thankful and give like the woman who brought her two coins in Luke 21:1-4. Take a trip on the stormy lake with Rock Rock and when you get in trouble, make a big S.O.S. with your arms and sing along with this popular action song.

Jesus loved children – can you imagine them running to be with him, climbing up on his knee? Get running and jumping to the action song Run to Jesus. Marvel at the miracles in the title track My Friend Jesus and sing about the things no other friend can do! Speak the action rhyme Only One about the 10 lepers and sing Thank You to the friend who can make you brand new too. Sit on a friend’s knee and listen to the parables in Tell Me a Story.

If you love The Lord’s Prayer then you’ll enjoy this beautiful new version recorded by maxiPraise. A beautiful hymn by Leeann Erickson, The Lord’s Prayer will be a meditative addition to your praise & worship collection that the whole church can sing. 

Wave your palm branches joyfully to Hosanna Hosanna before stretching out your arms to sing No Greater Love. Writing a song for children about the crucifixion was no easy task, but this maxiPraise meditation sings simply from the heart: no wider, deeper, bigger, higher, or greater love.

Wrap your arms around a big imaginary stone and roll it away with He’s Alive – a jazzy number that captures the joy of the resurrection. Sing the ‘round’ of You Can Go and you’ll memorise The Great Commission of Matthew 28:19 in minutes!

Jesus truly is God’s Gift from Heaven. The album ends with a song for the parent listeners, a picture of the Christmas and Easter stories, looking forward to the return of Jesus.

Instrumental backing tracks for all songs are included for your own performances.