Way 2 Grow

A day in the life of your preschool child: fun action-filled praise through to goodnight lullaby.

27 tracks on this enhanced CD – pdfs of the Songbook and maxiPuzzler are included with the album. Recommended age group: 0-5 years.

Audio tracks downloadable from online stores. Enhanced CDs available on request from maxiPraise.

maxiPraise continues the tradition of fun, themed music with a message. Way 2 Grow takes you on a journey through a young child’s day, teaching that Jesus is present and interested in every minute. Lively and full of fun, the music is further enhanced by the addition of a printable songbook and 45-page puzzle book packed with activities. Way 2 Grow is an invaluable resource for parents and teachers alike.

Many of these songs were written by a mother having fun with her toddler, trying to get him up and dressed in the morning, engaged in the day’s learning activities, enjoying healthy meals, then off to sleep at night, all the while being aware of the very real presence of Jesus. 

Begin your day with Wake Up Sleepyhead and kneel down for prayer with Dear Jesus. Grab your clothes and Let’s Get Ready, not forgetting that no matter what fun things you do, Take Jesus Along. Enjoy making train noises and chugging actions to Peep Peep Puff Puff. The traditional favourite Oh Be Careful has been given a subtle change in meaning, affirming the aspect of choice in behaviour, with the love of our creator God as intrinsic motive – check out the new lyrics! 

All preschoolers love songs about animals! They’ll take any opportunity to make animal noises, wave their arms to fly like birds or wiggle like fish. When I See a Fish, Cockadoodledoo, and Animal Thank You are essentials for active fun.

Way 2 Grow includes the chorus from Tell Me a Story, originally recorded on the album My Friend Jesus, making this shortened form an ideal introduction song for story time, at home or school. The album encourages service and sharing with I Have a Loving Heart and All That I Am and healthy eating with Yummy Yum Yum. Start your meal with the Grace or add an international flavour with Mexitalian Grace. Introduce counting with Count With Me and leap into physical action with God Made Me to Move. Time to Go is an ideal ending song for any children’s program, beginning as a prayer, then clapping to end with joyful applause. 

If you’re looking for a song for Father’s or Mother’s Day, God Gave Me You is your perfect choice. A Prayer Away is the dreamy lullaby that reassures your child ‘He sends His angels to watch and to keep you safe while you dream, He’s only a prayer away…Tomorrow’s another day…’